McKenzie Rose – Senior Photographer | Oxford, MI

McKenzie is my niece, so this shoot was especially close to my heart. I was honored when she asked me to take her senior photos. She has grown up so fast, I can’t believe she is off to college in the fall! She is going to Michigan State University to study┬áVeterinary┬áMedicine for Large Animals. I am so excited for her, though her mom wants to keep her close forever. I can’t blame her. I am sure, someday, I will be the same way!

We took these photos all over Oxford. We went down trails and, obviously on a lake. We found a beautiful dirt road, as well as went downtown for a little bit. I even took some photos of her younger sister and her. It was a fun time. Oh! And I can’t forget the wonderful dinner my sister-in-law cooked for us all! Thank you so much to all of you! Love you!!

Caiden – CHild Photographer | Howell, MI

Caiden came over to my house to play. I caught him playing with Mr. Potato Head and I figured it was the perfect time to shoot some photos of him. I love this room for the light it provides. Though it is usually very messy as it is our play room. You actually should see it right this moment. Oh my!! But I had it cleaned up here and it worked out perfect. I think I should leave this room completely empty from now on for the perfect indoor photo place:)

Kalie Brynn – Child Photographer | Lake Orion, MI

I went to Kalie’s house to play for the day. I loved the gentle colors of her room. The pinks, greens and creams. She loves to have her picture taken so I took this opportunity to have her just do her normal things she does in her room and I think they came out pretty nicely. I want to take more of these lifestyle type photos. Thanks, Kalie Brynn, for being a good sport!

My girls – Child Photographer | Howell, MI

My girls get so bored some days. Don’t they all? So, what better to do then make them play on my bed and take photos of them? I wish I had gotten photos of them jumping, that was fun! But I didn’t have my camera at that point. As you can see from the last photo, they were done. Well, I tried! lol

Abbey is silly – Lifestyle Photographer | Howell, MI

She is such a silly girl. I love her laugh, it is infectious. She smiles at me and I melt all over the floor.